Thursday, 2 May 2013


This summer I will start a whole new adventure! For the first time in my life I will be working abroad for several weeks, this will all happen between the first of July and the end of August of 2013. I can't explain how exited I am for all of this! 

It all started when I was thinking about my plans for this summer; I knew I couldn't go on a holiday because I had to save up for my trips with school. So, what then? I started looking on the internet and found Selectcamp; they offer tents and mobile homes on 50 different campsites through Europe, but are mainly sited in Italy. I already told you that camping has been something that I loved doing since I was young, so the idea of working on a campsite would be amazing. Signed up the same day on the Selectcamp website and within just a few days I received an email; if I wanted to come to the office for more information and an interview. Amazing, such a fast response and of course I went!

Got a call quite fast after the interview, they said that if I wanted I could be part of a large team of couriers all over Europe. The only thing was that they wanted to hire me on a flexible basis. This means that I still don't know on which campsite I will be based this summer, they will let me know only a week or even a few days in advance. Reason is that I will be standing in for someone who went home before the end of their contract. I will be going wherever they need me. 

I find it all really exiting, even the not knowing part! In the back of my mind I think that I will be going to Italy, since most campsites are there, but who knows maybe I'll go to France or Spain. 

Loads of you probably don't know what a courier does on a campsite. If you have camped before, you probably saw them several times during your holiday. As a courier I represent Selectcamp on the site, we work in teams of 2 till 6 colleagues and we try to make the holidays of our guests as carefree as possible. We make sure the accommodation is clean and complete, we also answer any questions the guests have and if there are problems we try to solve them. We check the guests in and are there for the check out and every night we do a guest round to see if everything is going as planned. 

In the label 'Work around the world' I will keep you updated on my life as a courier. 
A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. - Lao Tzu