Monday, 29 April 2013

Typically Dutch

I’m proud that I can say; I was born and raised in The Netherlands. I really love this country! We Dutch people have a lot of let’s call them oddities, because a stereotype sounds so negative. Because I live in this country I could never really see what was to typically Dutch. A few of my international friends showed me what they think is Dutch and together with them I found numerous more oddities. 

Chocolate sprinkles
Everyone eats it; we put them on bread, biscuit, ice-cream and pancakes. We eat them with butter and without, which causes them to all fall off because it doesn't stick. For the people who don't like chocolate we also have them in a million colors with different flavors. The beautiful thing of these sprinkles is that people eat them at every age; I ate them when I was 4 but my parents who are of respectable age, also still eat them. Unfortunately, you can't really find these sprinkles outside the Netherlands.

Let's all just go bald!

Hair gel
The amount of hair gel that Dutch boys and men put on their heads is so gross and unnatural. They just put a
Tremendous amount of hair gel in there and try to get it as flat as possible. I don't know who started it, but I do know that almost every Dutch guy does it. Maybe it's time for an intervention and tell them that they don't look sexy with hair glued to their head?


Change is something that is really hard for most Dutch, it is easier to say 'that's just who I am', than to say 'I will try to change'. We always live in the negative, somethings are just how they are and are not supposed to change, my international friends showed me that things can change. Us Dutch should just try a little more once in a while.

It's impossible not to hear this word when you are in the Netherlands. We find everything 'gezellig', there is not a translation to English for this word. I can try to describe it but it will never describe the true meaning, but I will try anyways. It's something like fun, cozy, happy, sweet, nice, beautiful and then all those words together. I know it sounds weird..

Orange crazy, that's what we are! Especially on certain days such as Queens Day (now Kings Day), with soccer events, the Olympic Games and other typically Dutch events. It's like the whole country went bonkers on these days. Some even dress up their houses, bikes, cars and dogs the things that can turn orange are immeasurable. You can also find orange food in supermarkets and you can't find a store that doesn't sell orange pointless stuff. 

In the end I have to say that even though we look crazy, the feeling of togetherness on these days is enormous. It really feels like we are one country and everyone is the same. You are not crazy for dressing up because everyone does it, you can't go overboard on these kinds of days. 

If you find yourself in the Netherlands on one of these days, please go and experience this feeling of togetherness and acceptance.

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. - Dr. Seuss